Why Europeans Love Football/Soccer and How We Celebrate It?

european football soccerYou may have ended up on this article because you’re new arrived in Europe, you’re American or you’re an European who has just woke up to realize we, Europeans, are exaggerating over our passion for soccer. Or do we?

In a short story: Yes, but why? Well, for Europeans, soccer, is about traditions and history.

Many teams are dating all the way back to 1800s, so the history speaks for itself. The sport has been developed and regulated around 1863 in England, but kicking a ball with the feet has been a people’s passion for more than 1000 years. And it’s nothing wrong with that. In America, soccer has never been popular. Instead, Americans have baseball, basketball and rugby close to their heart. But there is no comparison in between the different sport passions.

Europeans manifest a kind of veneration for their favorite football team. Every soccer team comes with its gallery, which is formed by voluntaries who adore and worship their favorite team and its players, which will sing and yell songs and words of encouragement. The gallery of supporters might seem a little bit aggressive and wild for others than us, Europeans, however, if you find yourself in a soccer match and meet the gallery, you’ll notice fast how friendly and loving they are.

This is not all. A lot of anger and love manifests happens during a soccer game, even in people’s homes. During an important match, people are hosting a mini-party in their homes to enjoy, scream and watch their favorite team playing, with beer, chips and other snacks to go with it. Kind of like the Superbowl for Americans, but more than one time in a year.

Important games in Europe can be considered the UEFA Euro, which happens every 4 years, where every European Country puts together their best players to form the national team and send them in the championship. The finals are played in the summers, and if you travel anywhere in Europe during that period, you’ll see people on the streets singing to support their country. Another important event is the FIFA World Cup, where all the countries in the world can participate. UEFA Champions League is the competition where more teams from the same country compete for a spot to represent it in the competition against countries.

So why are we Europeans so crazy after soccer?

Well, we love beer and snacks, but the real reason is we love competition. To cheer up for your country or favorite team is for us great entertainment.