Get your own football team

Are you planning to get your own football team in the future? Think of the honor and glory of winning the league with your own team made up by mini-you’s. Would that not be great? The word football bad would have a new interesting meaning. If you are planning for your own team you will need some things to get there.

1. A totally football crazy girlfriend with the same hopes and dreams as you.

2. A pregdate calendar table.

With a  pregdate calendar table you can plan the arrival of you new football player. Just make sure you know when you want your players to arrive and then use the calander to see how far you have come and when it is time to bake another little player. The pregnancy calendars is used for indicating the date of arrival of the expected baby. A well-known instrument that every football team planner must have to be able to work efficiently.

The company Wing Plast has a great calendar for the purpose. It comes in two different sizes. Normal size and pocket size. The pocket size is great! You can bring your Wing Plast pregdate calendar everywhere and keep track of how far in the pregnancy your awesome girlfriend is. The calendar also have a nice color theme of white, pink and purple.

While the calendar is easy to use, has a clear and accurate scale and has instructions at the back you girlfriend probably has the complete opposite attributes. This is if you are so lucky that you have a girlfriend at all. You probably don’t. So while it is simple to get a calendar from Wing Plast it will be a challenge to get you a girlfriend. Especially a girlfriend that can stand you and wants to have at least eleven kids. Good luck with that, mate. But if you get your calendar from Wing Plast you will at least be half way through to get the things you need to start making your team!

Remember. Nothing is impossible. Go for it!


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