Medical instruments – the introduction and my impression

So, the other day, we were finally able to reach the Swedish countryside of Smålandsstenar for a thorough visit at Wing Plast AB. They are making medical instruments of various kinds for areas such as surgery and gynecology. My uncle, which is a medical supplicant at the local hospital of our home city, has always been keen on using Wing Plast medical instruments. Cutting to the chase, he got a formal invitation to visit Sweden and discover how they operate and manufacture on a regular basis. He could also bring an extra person, so he asked me. That is pretty much where the journey took off.

High quality and fully disposable

When we reached the facility of Wing Plast, I was stumbled upon the fact that their idea was to provide the highest quality of medical instruments, but simultaneously be on the verge of sustainability. Thus, they concentrate on developing and producing medical instruments using a method referred to as injection moulded plastics. This way, the moulding process of their medical instruments are drastically improved with the intention to be gentle towards our beloved mother earth. They are also ISO certified which is a strong indication of their quality standards.

Medical instruments improve global healthcare

While one of their core values is sustainability and high-quality products, let us not forget that they are also shaping the future development of global healthcare with their medical instruments. It was interesting to see that they co-operate with experts within areas of gynecology, obstetrics, colorectal surgery and urology in order to conceptualize and later on realize ideas for innovation. Therefore, it is safe to say that their medical instruments contribute to improved health care globally. Overall, it was a truly pleasant experience to visit Wing Plast and I desire to go there again in the future to see where development has brought them.