Why Motels Make for the Best Lodging

motelEveryone knows that motels aren’t the best lodgings in the world. Apart from the complaints about them being smelly and rodent infested, guests safety is always in question at these establishments.

But even though things like this do happen, it isn’t true that they happen everywhere and all the time. There are a number of motels which can provide decent accommodation at reasonable prices. Given below are some benefits of staying at motels:

  • They are usually a lot cheaper as compared to hotels. For budget travelers, there is nothing better than staying in a motel. It lets travelers get the most bang for their buck.
  • Motels are usually comfy and small. They have fewer rooms as compared to hotels and are a lot quieter. Since the guests are fewer too, the staff offer a much more personalized service to all guests.
  • Motels are far more accessible as compared to hotels where there is a lot of walking and riding in elevators before reaching the rooms. Some motels even have direct access from the street so guests don’t have to go through the reception every time they come and go.
  • Even though not all motels allow pets most of them do. This is something they cannot really hope for in a hotel.

With so many benefits, there really is no reason why motels shouldn’t be considered as excellent lodging choices for anyone traveling anywhere in the world. Travelers just need to be careful while selecting a motel and ensure they choose one with a good reputation online. This is the easiest way for them to enjoy all of the above mentioned benefits without worrying about any of the problems that are usually associated with motels. A motel can be a safe, satisfying and convenient place to stay. There is absolutely no doubt in that.